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Some LuRe vids for Petulant2u

Here are some of my favorite Luke/Reid videos from over the past year. This first one is short, but brilliantly done (by a Nuke fan, no less!) who managed to capture every important moment and great lines from their start until the day which I dub "Chess Day". It's so beautifully done, I think you'll love it.


A Lure fan from Denmark, Louise was only 15 or 16 when she made this. I love her editing ability on this short video. It's beautiful

and she also did this one I adore. It's simply amazing:
Love The Way You Lie

THIS is the one I watch over and over and over again. The way you think Someone Like You was made for Brian/Justin, I think Make You Feel My Love was made for Luke/Reid. Something about Adele that just melts your heart and makes you feel for them:

This is the saddest, but a truly beautiful video. My chest hurts listening to it:
The Man I Loved by Triniti60

Okay, you need to lighten up. There were 3 videos with all of Reid's best lines that got taken down from YT. They were brilliant!! This is the closest remake to the best one:
Unbelievable by VergilRocks

One of the most fun videos. Always puts me in a good mood:
Luke and Reid Pride and Prejudice
Brilliance!! 'nuff said.

Oh, there's just too many more.... ♥


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Oct. 24th, 2011 09:59 am (UTC)
Wow it felt like xmas on LJ today! lol

Thanks for these GREAT videos! I'm so in love with these guys, (especially Reid...yum) And thanks for the story recs! I'll be busy for awhile!

Gina Marie
Oct. 24th, 2011 10:43 am (UTC)
I knew you would love Reid. He's like the audience watching soaps. He says things that we are all thinking and gets away with it. ;)

It was a testament to the amazing character and the amazing talent of Eric Sheffer Stevens that he had such rapport with so many of the castmembers. You had Reid/Henry (I loved how he called him Hank), Reid/Katie (BFFs), Reid/Chris (a real love/hate thing), Reid/Bob (student and mentor, the son he never really had! Because Chris is a total douche!) Reid/Jacob (every scene with them together was so adorable!) and of course, the amazing chemistry between Reid and Luke. Noah was on the show for 3 years and didn't have a storyline besides Luke. He was awful!

Plus, could he look any hotter in those scrubs!?! *melts*
Oct. 24th, 2011 10:05 am (UTC)
Oh and I just have to say that for me, my favorite 'Reid' line is, "what is see is that big fat silver spoon in your mouth that...I hope you choke on" and then the look on Lukes face! LMAO Priceless!

Oct. 24th, 2011 10:41 am (UTC)
There were just too many amazing lines. We would quote them and talk about how incredible they were while the show was going on. It was such a unique time in the fandom. To see this wonderfully fresh character on a daytime soap, was beyond enjoyable.

I'm so angry that I can't show the 3 videos someone made with all his best lines. There have been others since then, but nothing compares to those.

I think I feel in love with him that day in the courtroom when she said "What I've run into is a Confederacy of Idiots--lots and lots of idiots--with a few jerks sprinkled in. Your doctors went to clown college, your cops are dumber than rocks. (turns to cop) That's a medical diagnosis." Hahahaha! I love this man so much.

All the lines with Henry were my favorites though.
Reid: "I am perfect. I also happen to be gay."
Hank: "How do you know that?"
Reid: "Are you an idiot?"
Hank: "I'm not going to answer that."
Reid: "Oh goody, that just leaves us open for hours of speculation." LOL He...is...the...best! Did you know that Eric and Trent (Henry) were friends before this show? They did a play together a few years back. They must have had a ball doing this snark with each other.

And of course when he told Luke he was gay.
Reid: Are you requiring proof? How would that work exactly? Oooooh the sexy 'come hither' stare he gave him and that smirk. So enticing.

Just too many great lines to name! I'm so glad you are experiencing this first hand so you know why I was so crazy in love with this pairing. I have too much to share with you.

*hugs you*
JoAnne ♥
Oct. 24th, 2011 11:07 am (UTC)
OH yeah! Those were great lines. I forgot about the courtroom scene! Hysterical! lol
Oct. 24th, 2011 10:34 am (UTC)
How have I never seen "The Man I Loved" video?! Wow! Glad I had the day off so that I was a hot crying mess at home instead of in my office!
Oct. 24th, 2011 10:47 am (UTC)
Awww baby girl! I'm sorry to make you cry. *pets you*

You know the way I was schooling you (and many other Lure fans) in the awesomeness that is Brian/Justin? Well, now I get to do that with Gina about Reid/Luke. It's been wondeful starting to share our world.

I was trying to show her some of my favorite videos from over the past year, but most of the ones I saved were all very sad. I was crying myself. That one in particular pushed me over the edge.

Go read some awesome BigBang fics and feel better! ♥
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