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A night out to see Eric in 'A Number'

I wanted to share some of the pictures I took from Eric's performance in the play 'A Number' by Caryl Churchill for the Hudson Stage Company. The performances were this May at the Woodward Hall Theater at Pace University. Eric was, not surprisingly, amazing in this production. He actually performed 3 different roles, each character with a different English accent. The plot, you slowly realize, is about a son confronting his Father as he finds out that he is apparently a... clone! Then, we meet and shockingly learn some more of the details from the 'original' son. After some major tragedies, we finally meet yet another clone, who seems to be the most put together and accomplished, although the Father, and the audience, are left with this feeling of sadness and loss. Eric was so different in all three of these roles, I was amazed to be sitting in the second row witnessing it in person. It was such an intimate theater, you felt like you could reach out and touch the actors. Although, they brought us so deep into the illusion that I actually felt like I was watching a film, and not live humans who were just a few feet in front of me.

Here are some pictures from the night. Please bear in mind that I was taking them on my phone and the stage lights were so bright, so they aren't the best quality. But it's Eric, so they're still beautiful!

Here is Eric & his co-star, Michael Bryan French as the Father, and the son who discovers the dilemma:

Eric as the son who was raised by the father into his early 30s:

Eric as the real son who was cloned and discarded at the age of 4 (this was my favorite role, as you can see by the amount of pics I took of him in that leather jacket!):

Eric as the final, accomplished son:

Eric meeting us all after the play:

Ugh! I smile way too big and it scrunches up my face.

I drove up to the show with my bestie, and fellow Lurian cherimola. We were walking toward the building across the lawn, commenting how peaceful it was, no one else was around. Just then I noticed a man walking towards us and I screamed out "ERIC!". We walked up to him and explained that we were there to see him in the play. I mentioned in another post that he looked so relaxed, comfortable clothes, soft curls, newspaper folded under one arm, a British flag mug in the other hand (I'm guessing it was some kind of tea with honey for his voice). He said that he came out to clear his head before the performance and wanted to see the sunset. *sigh* He graciously stood and spoke with us for 15 minutes. I had so much I had to tell him from the past four years since we have many mutual friends and co-workers. I mentioned that I had once called into a Blogtalk radio show and he remembered our conversation! Cherimola had mentioned meeting him before and he remembered that exchange also. I wouldn't call him shy, but he's...laid back. I would think that we were bothering him except for the fact that he would genuinely smile and add things to the conversation on his own. He was just lovely.

When other people started walking by us, we excused ourselves so he could have some time to prepare himself mentally, and we went to our seats. After the AMAZING performance, many of us went downstairs to see the actors. He came right out to us and let us all talk. We spoke for a long time, each taking turns, and he took pictures with everyone. Nicole & Raj from the Lure fandom were there also. As well as two lovely women who came all the way here from the Netherlands to see the play!! After they needed to lock the building up and the actors all went out together to a pub. We went outside and spoke in the parking lot for another while. It was a great night, and I'm so happy I made the trek all the way out there to see him perform live. I HIGHLY recommend it. Eric is very special and extremely talented.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Rznbloodrose!

Because you always write such wonderful moments about our boys, I need to thank you, and wish you the best of birthdays!! The gang showed up in their 'Sunday best' to come and celebrate! Brian even promised to save the last dance for you. ;)

JoAnne :)

Happy Birthday, AdoringAudience

Dear Anna, you were the first person I met here in the QAF fandom. You so generously took me under your wing and fed me with countless links to wonderful stories from years past. I'll never forget you for showing me the way to my new obsession. I owe it all to you.

I hope you had the best birthday. You totally deserve it!

All my best,
JoAnne :)


I just want to wish Techgirl the very best of birthdays! I know I'm not great at this posting business, but I didn't want today to go by without celebrating you!


Some LuRe vids for Petulant2u

Here are some of my favorite Luke/Reid videos from over the past year. This first one is short, but brilliantly done (by a Nuke fan, no less!) who managed to capture every important moment and great lines from their start until the day which I dub "Chess Day". It's so beautifully done, I think you'll love it.


A Lure fan from Denmark, Louise was only 15 or 16 when she made this. I love her editing ability on this short video. It's beautiful

and she also did this one I adore. It's simply amazing:
Love The Way You Lie

THIS is the one I watch over and over and over again. The way you think Someone Like You was made for Brian/Justin, I think Make You Feel My Love was made for Luke/Reid. Something about Adele that just melts your heart and makes you feel for them:

This is the saddest, but a truly beautiful video. My chest hurts listening to it:
The Man I Loved by Triniti60

Okay, you need to lighten up. There were 3 videos with all of Reid's best lines that got taken down from YT. They were brilliant!! This is the closest remake to the best one:
Unbelievable by VergilRocks

One of the most fun videos. Always puts me in a good mood:
Luke and Reid Pride and Prejudice
Brilliance!! 'nuff said.

Oh, there's just too many more.... ♥

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Petulant2u!!

To my dear friend, Gina Marie,

With a little help of a background from a beautiful banner by pfodge (geez, that Patty is so darned talented!!), a very beloved friend of ours would like to give you a special gift today!

I hope you have a wonderful day filled with all the food, music, stories, and most importantly, loved ones that are dear to you.


JoAnne ♥

Happy Birthday, Pfodge

I have it on very good authority, that Gale kept messing up his lines because he had one thought going on in his head yesterday:

Hope you had a great day!
JoAnne ♥

Happy Birthday, Rhiannonhero

You have brought so much Luke/Reid and Brian/Justin love into my life, and I'm so thankful for that. I hope you had a wonderful day filled with all the music, food and friends that you love.


All my best ♥

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Confused_bliss

In honor of your special day, just let me thank you so much for all the wonderful stories you have let me enjoy!! And all the new ones that are sure to come...

All my best,
JoAnne ♥

A banner post!

Well, I'm trying my hand at making a banner for the LuRe Big Bang story that my friend, Lisa, wrote from my prompt. I've never made a banner before, so this is just a test.


I wish I had PhotoShop to make it easier. Maybe next time!